Young Egyptian artist produces Pink Floyds new album cover


pink floyd group image PINK-FLOYD-THE-ENDLESS-RIVER-album-artwork-low-res-600x350

With much anticipation, musical legends Pink Floyd will release their first album in 20 years.  Endless River is due to be released on 15 November 2014.  The honour of creating the new artwork for this album has been bestowed on a young unknown Egyptian digital artist called Ahmed Emad Eldin.

Eldin is only 18 years old.  He was born in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, but was brought up in Cairo.  Since he was 13 years old he has been experimenting with digital art, but his work was relatively unknown.  Eldin was discovered by Aubrey Po, Pink Floyds artistic director and former colleague of Eldin’s predecessor, the enigmatic Storm Thorgerson.

Storm Thorgerson is the iconic graphic artist, who has up until now, produced all of Pink Floyds album covers (with the exception of their first album Piper at the Gates of Dawn, in 1967).  His famous pyramids from Dark Side of the Moon are recognisable all around the world.  In 2013 Thorgerson passed away which left many Pink Floyd fans questioning if anyone could ever fill his shoes.

Aubrey Po was today interviewed on BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show.  He described the new artwork as a surreal image of a lone rower punting himself across a layer of clouds.  “At first glance  you think he is in a rough sea, but it’s not, he is above above the earth, he is in the clouds and he is heading out towards a sunset”.  Po continues to say that it is a very provocative image, that you should read into it what you will and that it sums up the music of Pink Floyd well on this album.  He finishes by saying that “the essence of river, of boats, and sailing of into the sunset sum up completely this album”.

Eldins piece is beautiful and peaceful.  It creates an air of mystery, someone paddling into the unknown.  No doubt it was very carefully selected for the new album which incidentally, was recorded on a house boat on the Thames.  Pink Floyd artwork has always had an air of mystery.  The album covers have always been part of the package, and this is no exception.

Eldin is going to see his image being used on massive billboards across the world, from Paris to Sydney.  In Manhattan, New York it will take over the whole side of a building and in Southbank, London a large cube is being erected alongside the album cover. 

Today as Ahmed Emad Elgin was catapulted onto the world stage, he becomes another young Egyptian to watch.

Residence Arabesque in bloom

The sun is shining and summer is in full swing at Residence Arabesque. Our beautiful gardens are thanks to our lovely gardener Sobhy.    Two years ago he helped us design and build our little oasis in the desert and with his care and attention to detail our gardens are now maturing and offer our guests the perfect place to relax  Here are some of the colours you can expect when you are relaxing in the hammock or eating dinner on the terrace.  Hibiscus and bougainvillea are two of the most prominent blooms in a desert garden, they come in a variety of colours and forms.  We also have mature date palms, olive trees, acacias and jasmine.  Our resident Egyptian tortoises (Testudo kleinmanni) wander freely among the plants and if you are lucky you may spot a gecko hunting insects in the evening.

Dahab is HAPPY!

Everyone loves a catchy tune and Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ is no exception.  This fabulous tune featuring the worlds first 24 hour music video has had us dancing around the kitchen for months and in recent weeks there has been a plethora of Happy videos being uploaded on the internet.

However the best always come to those that wait…. Happy – We are from Dahab, has in four days since being launched been watched over 61,000 times.  With the Egyptian media catching on, ‘Happy’ Dahab style is looking to become a new internet sensation.  For anyone that has been to Dahab this video will literally get the memories flooding back!


Alhamdulilah! About a village called Dahab

Often people ask about the spirit of Dahab, its not something that is easy to explain.  Dahab is not a big tourist resort, it is not full of multinational companies or multi-story hotels.  It is small and peaceful.

Many people have passed through Dahab, intending to leave and ending up making it home.  I was one of those people.  I first visited Dahab to complete my PADI Divemaster qualification, the first professional level in Scuba Diving.  I returned a year later to work my first season.  I met a boy.  

Ten years, marriage and two children later Residence Arabesque was born.

This is a wonderful short video by Michael Zomer which captures the spirit of Dahab so well.


14th International Ceramics Symposium – On now!

ceramics symposium ceramics symposium 2


Le Meridien Dahab hosts the 14th International Ceramics Symposium from 10 – 21 February 2014.
Featuring some wonderful visiting artists from all over the world.  Visit the hotel and view some of their work.


Ossama Emam 

Hisham Abed – Egypt ( Associate Curator ) 

Mosbeh Kamel – Egypt ( Associate Curator )

Mohsen Gouda – Egypt ( Filmmaker )

Satoru Hashino – Japan 
Raul Pereda – Spain 
Haitham Hedayah – Egypt
Sofia Beca – Portugal 
Lynda AbdelLatif – Tunisia 
Silke Decker – Germany 
Elina Titiana – Latvia 
Pilar Nadales – Spain 
Veysel Ozel – Turkey
Rabab Wahba – Egypt
Bettina Ammann – Switzerland 
Mohamed Farouk – Egypt 
Anna Kristjana – Denmark 
Mohamed Samir – Egypt 
Gamal Ibrahim – Egypt 

This year’s Guardian International Development Achievement Award winner, David Constantine is a friend and recent guest at Residence Arabesque

This year’s Guardian International Development Achievement Award winner, David Constantine, made his disability a strength when he set out to create wheelchairs suitable for use in the developing world.

David Constantine (right), winner of the Guardian International Development Achievement Award, inter

David Constantine (right), winner of the Guardian International Development Achievement Award, interviews Oscar Okello, a Ugandan user of one of his wheelchairs. Photograph: © D. Constantine, Motivation

David enjoyed a well earned holiday at Residence Arabesque this Autumn, road testing our accessibility for the wheelchair user as well as getting out and about in Dahab.  With his friends he enjoyed trips to St Katherines Monastery, the local Waadis and even tried his hand at scuba diving.  We look forward to offering all our future guests the opportunity to get out and about in Sinai and to try snorkelling and scuba diving regardless of their mobility needs.

Read here about the work of David’s amazing charity Motivation – Empowering disabled people throughout the world.