Other activities in Dahab

Community Market and local shopping

Dahab has a weekly community market;  locals sell their wares, wonderful home made food from every corner of the globe, handmade jewellery and other crafts as well as second hand clothes and house hold items.  The Friday market is located  on the beach at Sheikh Salam Guest House which is located just north of the Eel Garden Dive site.  

In Dahab there are many talented individuals producing handmade products.  Peace Road Designs is proudly made in Dahab, a wonderful and expanding collection of fashion and household items using traditional Khayameya fabric and recycled galabeyas, working with with local Bedouin women and their traditional skills of embroidery and bead work. Boutique Loloa located a short stroll from Residence Arabesque houses a collective of Dahab women who produce and sell their wares including handmade jewellery and trash art.

Bedouin dinner in the mountains

A very popular excursion is a trip to a local Waadi for a Bedouin Dinner under the stars.  Often it is possible to combine with a camel ride.  It is a good opportunity to get away from the centre of Dahab to see the mountains a little closer but without travelling too far. Dinner is served with traditional Bedouin bread and tea.  This is a great family activity suitable for children of all ages and also offers a chance to star gaze with little light pollution and clear skies.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is a popular activity for visitors to Dahab, there are several companies offering short trips to the Lagoona, Waddi Gnai and Southern Oasis.

Horse Riding

There are several horse riding options in Dahab, which can offer guided trips for all ages and abilities.

Camel Riding

There are plenty of opportunities to ride a camel in Dahab. They are used as a method of transport in Dahab! Camels can walk where sand makes it harder to take cars, they are used to carry safari gear and food supplies and even diving equipment. It is possible to have a short ride and photo opportunity or multi-day organised trek into the Waadi.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is another sport gaining popularity in Dahab, qualified and experienced guides take climbers to various local waadis within the vicinity of Dahab.  Offering training for novices and supervision for more experienced climbers, local centres can offer bouldering, sport climbing and top roping.  


The spectacular landscape of the Sinai Desert  and the waters of the Red Sea provide a wonderful backdrop for hiking.  Hiking with experienced guides can be arranged in a variety of locations although generally regarded as a winter sport due to the high summer temperatures in the region.  For beautiful beach walking the Blue Lagoon can be reached in an overnight hike, spending the night camping out under the stars.  Stunning mountain scenery is best experienced in St Katherines protectorate and the valleys around Mount Sinai provide many hiking opportunities.