Above water

Windsurfing and Kite surfing

Dahab has in recent years, become as popular for windsurfing and kite surfing as it is for scuba diving. For those that prefer to stay on top of the water and enjoy the thrill of such water sports then Dahab provides some of the best conditions, sheltered shallow warm water for beginners and strong exposed winds offshore for professionals.  It is possible to train at all levels, with local surf schools providing excellent tuition and equipment.  Even for the bystander these sports provide a spectator sport and on very windy days it is possible to observe professional surfers practising tricks just offshore at the Lighthouse in the centre of Dahab Bay.

Water skiing, Wake boarding and Banana Boats

At several of the resort hotels in the Lagoona area of Dahab you can participate in various activities involving being towed by speedboat. No experience is necessary and it is usually possible to sign up and participate immediately.  Please note that there are no jet skis in Dahab as they are illegal in the area.

Glass Bottom Boat

The glass bottom boat offers an excellent opportunity for those who are unable to snorkel or scuba dive to see the wonders of the Egyptian Red Sea at the Napoleon Reef.  Gliding right above the coral reef the glass bottom boat allows you to see all the fish and coral whilst staying dry!  Visibility in the Red Sea is excellent with crystal clear water making it easy to see all the fish and coral.  Trips run from the resort hotel beaches, are usually an hour or so and may include refreshments and the opportunity to snorkel or swim from the boat.

Guided Snorkelling

Snorkelling is a wonderful way to see the coral reef without the need for expensive equipment and tuition. Dahab is unique with a coral reef at the waters edge making it accessible for everyone, even those that are not completely comfortable in deep water.

There are many places in Dahab that are easily accessible for those with snorkelling equipment of their own and also many places where it is possible to rent equipment for the day.

For the novice snorkeller we do however recommend taking an experienced guide who will help you get comfortable in the water, make you aware of any safety concerns and point out things you may well miss on your own. This is another activity that we are easily able to arrange for you at Residence Arabesque so please contact us for further information.