Residence Arabesque is looking for a new manager…

It is with sadness that we have had to say goodbye to two excellent managers in recent months.  Both have done a great job at looking after Residence Arabesque and keeping our guests happy.  Its time for them both to move on to new adventures, both in Egypt and abroad.  So we are looking for a new manager to join us, someone who is looking to live in Dahab for the foreseeable future (minimum one year) and who can take over the great job that both Bron and Bettina have done previously.

The role of manager involves welcoming guests, feeding the cats, laundry, paying bills and general maintenance of our accommodation. There is no gardening as we have a regular and responsible gardener. Our Villa and Garden Apartment are rented on a short term basis, as manager you will be responsible for making sure the accommodation is ready for guests arrival, either cleaning yourself or arranging cleaners and supervising the work – cleaning in preparation for guests is paid additionally and can provide a further source of income for the manager. This is very much a part time job. The most important qualities we are looking for in our new manager is that they are responsible, trustworthy and have a high awareness of customer service.

This job is paid in accommodation. In exchange for helping us provide a high level of care to our guests we offer our manager their own high quality accommodation. The apartment is a one double bedroom first floor apartment. There is a balcony and the bathroom has a wet-room shower. The apartment is very well furnished and there is excellent wifi and a/c. There are no electricity, water or internet bills to pay. The manager can earn additionally by undertaking the cleaning work themselves.

As this job is payment in kind our new manager will need to have some other part time work in Dahab. This role would very much suit someone who has their own small business or part time work and can appreciate the benefit of a beautiful and centrally located apartment at no cost. We are looking for a trustworthy individual or couple who plan to be in Dahab for at least one year. Our new manager must be able to speak English and communicate via email and have their own laptop/computer. This job requires trust, honesty and attention to detail. When we don’t have guests the role is minimal and will include tidying up of communal areas and some small maintenance jobs such as paying bills. In peak season occasionally days can be very busy if guests are checking in and out on the same day and there can be several hours work and as manager you will need to be available. Sometimes guests arrive in the middle of the night and it would be your responsibility to greet them.

If you are interested in the role please get in touch via email

We will be interviewing applicants from 27 May.


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